Suitcasing Policy

Anyone wishing to exhibit or sell their products or services at the Show is required to lease an Assigned Exhibit Space, which makes you an official Exhibitor at the Show, and permits you to conduct sales activities at the Show.  Assigned Exhibit Space is available in sizes as small as 10’x10’, at very reasonable rates.  If you are interested in becoming an Exhibitor in order to be able to conduct sales activities at the Show, please contact us at  We would love the opportunity to make you an official participant in the Show and help you gain exposure and sales for your business.

Companies which are not Exhibitors at, or Sponsors of, the Show (Attendees), are not permitted to  distribute, or permit to be distributed, any advertising material, literature, souvenir items or promotional materials, or to solicit orders or hold any conference in the interest of generating business during the Show (collectively, Suitcasing), in or about any of the Exhibit Areas, which include the Exhibit Halls, parking lots, air space and grounds of the Facility, as well as designated areas of partner hotels.  Suitcasing activities are strictly forbidden. Show Management reserves the right to remove individuals or discard display materials that do not comply with these guidelines. PRINTING United has a zero-tolerance policy regarding Suitcasing.

Exhibits in any location other than in leased prescribed areas on the floor plan, such as hotel room exhibits, etc. are not permitted. Soliciting of business will be permitted by Exhibitors and Sponsors only. Advertising and sales promotion materials may be distributed only from your Assigned Exhibit Space at the Facility. Exhibitors allowing non-exhibiting companies to sell from their assigned space risk not being permitted to participate in future advance exhibit sales weeks and/or future Shows.