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Meet the Team


Jack Noonan, VP of Business Development

Key Accounts & Sponsorship

Sarah Payne, Account Manager

Company Names Starting With A-L

Lee Wright, Account Manager

Company Names Starting With M-Z


Lexy Olisko MBA, CMP, CEM, VP of Expositions

Special Events

Karen Layser, CMP, DES, Director of Exhibits

Exhibit Services

Heather Ward, CEM, Senior Event Operations Manager

Registration, Meeting Rooms & Shuttle Buses

Jana McWilliams, CEM, Exhibit Services & Account Manager

Exhibit Services

PR & Marketing

Amanda Kliegl, VP of Public Relations

Public Relations & Press Conferences

Nicole Cho, Senior Marketing Manager


President, PRINTING United Expo

Mark Subers, President of Events & Expos

You can download the pdf version of Meet the Team, here.

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