Consent to Use Registration Data

By registering for this Event, you are consenting to being added to the database of the PRINTING United Alliance (Alliance), and our respective subsidiaries, including NAPCO Media, LLC (NAPCO), (collectively, the Alliance Database), for the purpose of receiving marketing and other communications across all platform types (mail, email, phone, text [message and data rates may apply], social media, etc.), as well as communications about the Event, including attendance, travel and lodging services.

The Alliance and all of our subsidiaries, are business to business organizations, devoted to improving the products and services of other businesses.  When registering for this Event, please enter only your business contact information. 

If your Event is sponsored, you are also consenting to our sharing your registration information with the sponsor(s) of the Event. The types of communications you receive from or through sponsors will be determined by those sponsors, and the opt out methods for those communications will be communicated to you by, and are the sole responsibility of, the sponsor(s).

Everything you receive from the Alliance or our subsidiaries, will be industry related information, news and events, including, but not limited to, e-newsletters, information about products and services, and in some instances, depending upon the nature of your Event, print magazines and/or newsletters.  You may opt out of any Alliance or subsidiary communication at any time by using the opt-out mechanism provided in the communication you receive from us.  Transactional, show related messages will still be necessary to inform registrants about their show attendance, travel and lodging services directly related to their registration.

You may view our privacy policies via:

The email addresses we collect may be made available to third parties who offer business-related products or services. We use an external vendor for processing these email messages, and they will not be allowed to keep your email address for their future use.  If you do not want to receive business-related third-party email offers from the PRINTING United Alliance, please contact us at or from NAPCO, please contact us at

By registering for a PRINTING United Event, registrants are agreeing to abide by the associated rules and regulations and policies of the Event. If you are registering for the PRINTING United Expo (Expo), you are granting permission for the Alliance to share your contact information with onPeak, the Alliance’s preferred hotel broker for all PRINTING United Expos. 

All registrants will receive information from onPeak regarding the option of using their services to book your hotel room(s) in the city where the Expo is being held.  If you choose to use onPeak’s services, you are consenting to onPeak sharing your data with the hotel(s) as needed to facilitate and complete your booking(s).

The Alliance has worked with onPeak for more than a decade and we have found them to be consistently professional and reliable.  They negotiate and contract with all hotels for the room blocks associated with official Expo housing, and instead of receiving a direct payment from the Alliance, they are compensated by receiving a commission and rebates from each hotel.  onPeak receives written assurances from each hotel confirming that the rates they negotiate are the lowest rates available to the general public over the room block dates (excluding non-public rates, such as airline crew rates, etc.). onPeak pays the Alliance a portion of their commission and the rebate, both of which we apply toward the cost of the Expo shuttle services.

You are not required to use onPeak for your housing needs, but by doing so, you enable onPeak to obtain volume discounts for all attendees, and you benefit the Alliance by providing commission payments which help us reduce the expenses which we would otherwise have to pass along to all exhibitors.

Consent to Data Transfer via Scanned Badges

In order to allow for the seamless transfer of information during the Expo between Attendees and Exhibitors and between Attendees and Show Management, some Show Management staff and some Exhibitors will have scanners which can be used to transfer your contact information to them by scanning your Show Badge.  Each Show Badge has a barcode which is unique to you/each registrant, and contains links to your contact information, including address, phone and email, and demographic information, from your registration data.  By permitting an Exhibitor or Show Management to scan your Badge, you are consenting to the transfer of your contact information to that Exhibitor or to Show Management, as applicable.  The scanners are provided as a service to expedite the exchange of information.  Permitting someone to scan your Badge in order to transfer your contact information is optional, and completely at the discretion of each Attendee.  If you do not wish to transfer your data via a Badge scan, simply decline the Badge scan request(s).

Disclaimer: By attending the Event, attendees, hosts, sponsors and exhibitors, and all of their employees, agents, contractors, subcontractors, guests and invitees, hereby grant Event Management and its authorized representatives, the right and permission to use their name, likeness, biographical information, voice, content of any interview, image and/or photograph, and any other indicia of persona (“Persona”) or to refrain from doing so, worldwide, in any manner or media, whether now existing or hereinafter developed, including but not limited to, the web/internet, for trade, advertising and/or promotional purposes.  Event, host, sponsor and/or exhibitor photos and recordings cannot be copied, altered, sold, exhibited, or further distributed without the prior written consent of the Alliance. The Alliance retains the right to revoke consent at any time.

Show Management reserves the right to reject registrations and to cancel any previously accepted registrations, at any time, in its sole discretion, for any reason, including for the violation of any applicable terms and conditions, rules and regulations, or policies, without liability to registrant or any third parties, other than a refund of any registration fees paid.