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PRINTING United Expo is the home for driving new sales opportunities and growth. Capitalize on the application diversification trend and engage with an entirely new set of clientele. Segment convergence and application diversification are the key underpinning of PRINTING United Expo’s success, and our model is based on qualitative and quantitative research data. To review the trends that are driving the market, please click “READ MORE” to download a copy for your review below.

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Diversification Strategies: Label

Of the many reasons print service providers (PSPs) seek to expand their application offerings, stability, and reliable growth are among the most pressing. This has been an important realization over the past few years as commercial printing opportunities took a sizable hit during COVID, and printers sought to supplement their businesses with steady sources of revenue. With lowered entry barriers thanks to the proliferation of digital printing equipment, many PSPs invested in label printing capabilities, given the high demand for the application and the ability to serve brand owners in the community with digital’s unique advantages.

Diversification Patterns in Print: OPPORTUNITY IN ADJACENT MARKETS

The process by which print segments come together, through print service providers (PSPs)
expanding into segments beyond their primary segment, is a phenomenon that has been occurring for many years. Historically, however, this phenomenon of convergence has remained largely anecdotal. This can be viewed both from a macro and micro level. At the macro level, the various printing segments are moving together to form a more harmonious printing industry. At the micro level, we see the individual PSPs adopting various new solutions to diversify their portfolio of applications in order to serve a wider variety of needs for their clients.

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