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October 24, 2019 3:00 PM to 3:40 PM (Central Daylight Time)

Room: C141

Apparel Decoration

Today, there are so many apps and other online resources that make starting a successful eCommerce business into something that virtually anyone can do. Thanks to its many helpful features which make drop shipping easier, Shopify has facilitated thousands of e-commerce success stories. E-commerce entrepreneurship has the potential to change lives for the better with minimal risk and the prospect of major returns. This discussion expands your awareness of the web & marketing tools available that turned a start-up business into a multi-million dollar company within its first year of operations. The model is then repeated to achieve exponential growth. It will also give graphics and imaging manufacturers the ability to expand their reach to any web entrepreneur willing to drive the traffic while the manufacturers do what they do best - fulfillment. Details will include setting up stores on Shopify using Web to Print Shop's Personalization effects and effective marketing on Search Engines, Social Media platforms and Personalized Email Marketing.

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Esther Willinger
CEO, Eden Advertising & Interactive