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October 24, 2019 7:30 AM to 9:45 AM (Central Daylight Time)

Room: Ballroom D4 – West Fork – Level 3

The cost to attend is $30.00.

Join five remarkable business leaders in the industry for an engaging and insightful opportunity to learn about embracing new outlooks on life and work; hosted by SGIA’s Women in Print Alliance. All are welcome to participate in the event. Over breakfast, these women will narrate inspiring stories of their journey in the printing industry. 

A Teenage Girl’s Journey and her Passion for Fashion
Speaker: Ariel Swedroe
At 7 years old, Ariel Swedroe knew she had a “passion for fashion.” She’ll speak about her background and journey in digital print and its prevalence in her workspace. You’ll learn how her passion for fashion has inspired her to work with other young girls and engage in philanthropic endeavors.

How to Stay Focused and Motivated When Crisis Hits
Speaker: Kristin Lanzarone
When a crisis hits it’s important to stay focused, motivated, strong, professional and come out successfully at the other end. Scribner hit rock bottom when, as a single mom she left an abusive marriage. As she stared out the windshield of her life, she had no choice but to stay focused on what was ahead rather than focusing on what lay behind. As her family, friends and clients would say, she rose from the ashes and this is where she is four years later.

Holding Conversations with Confidence
Speaker:  Michelle White
As women we tend to downplay our abilities, and/or not speak up out of fear of not being liked. When we exude confidence, we are often looked at in a bad light. We also tend to apologize when we speak up and not just speak with conviction. White will share her insight on how to overcome these challenges and be heard in the workplace.

Changing Corporate Culture and Hiring Millennials
Speaker:  Tiffany Radar Spitzer
The business landscape is rapidly changing and with force. Impacted by younger generations entering the workforce, the skilled worker’s gap, succession planning, and new technology corporate culture are being reshaped. Millennials are on the cusp of surpassing Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest adult generation. Their expectations are different than previous generations especially when it comes to the workforce. As such, we must adapt to ensure our businesses are successful by hiring and retaining the right staff in the new environment. In this session, Radar Spitzer will discuss what to focus on, what it takes, and how to implement and maintain change; all the while staying true to your corporate vision and mission.

Know Your Value
Speaker: Heather Roden
Since 2015, the ratio of median earnings of all women to all men decreased by 5 cents. However, in 2019 women still make only 79 cents to every 1-dollar a man makes. Roden will share three methods she has employed since her early career including: accepting a lesser role and working up; getting out of your own way; and speaking up aggressively.





Ariel Swedroe

Ariel Swedroe
Sophomore Student
Design and Architecture Senior High School

Kristen Scribner photo

Kristin Lanzarone
WrapStar Pro

Michelle White

Michelle White
Technical Market Manager
Vycom Plastics

Tiffany Rader-Spitzer headshot

Tiffany Radar Spitzer
Operations and Technical Product Manager
Roeder Industries

Heather Roden photo

Heather Roden
Strategic Account Manager
Zund America

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