How do I purchase a Virtual Showcase?

Exhibitors wishing to purchase tiers 1 or 2 will be able to do so directly through their exhibitor dashboard. For exhibitors wishing to purchase tiers 3 & 4 please reach out to show management directly.

When will I have access to my listing?

Immediately after purchasing. Once logging into your dashboard, you should go through the checklist to ensure all items have been completed.

Is there a deadline for updating my listing?

No, as everything is updated in real time, however, we encourage completing the deliverables provided in your sponsorship tier in advance of the platform opening.

What are virtual business cards?

Virtual business cards allow attendees to connect with a product expert or sales representative from an exhibiting company. Virtual business cards will include headshot, job title, brief bio, links to social media profiles and links to email or chat.

How do attendees initiate a live chat with exhibit personnel?

Each virtual business card will feature a button to initiate a chat when exhibit personnel are active and available. If the exhibit personnel are not active and available, the attendee will still be able to connect with them by clicking the email button.

Can exhibitors initiate a chat with attendees?

No, the exhibitor cannot initiate the chatting with attendee. It is only attendee to exhibitor.

How are leads generated?

Leads are generated once an attendee adds your company or product to their “My Show Planner.” They do this by clicking the plus sign on either a company’s profile or various objects in the product showcase. Once this happens, exhibitors will see these leads under the leads tile on their exhibitor dashboard in real-time.

Can I purchase or rent the attendee list?

Due to GDPR, PRINTING United Alliance does not rent or sell attendee lists. Exhibitors are encouraged to use the leads feature on their exhibitor dashboard.

As a current PRINTING United Exhibitor, will my company automatically be part of the Digital Experience?

No, since the Digital Experience is a paid experience, each company will need to purchase a tier through their dashboard. Companies can choose to utilize funds for Insight Days. *Companies may still have a balance depending on the tier they choose and dependent on funds they have available to roll over from the 2020 physical event.

Will my company be able to launch new products through the Digital Experience?

Absolutely! In fact, it is encouraged. We have several companies launching new products! This platform will be a great tool to fill your pipeline through the end of the calendar year and beyond.

What is PRINTING United doing to bring attendees to the Digital Experience showcase?

A fully comprehensive cross-media plan has been developed to engage the full printing community. A blend of marketing campaigns including direct mail, email, social post, editorial support, and media/association partnerships will be used.

Am I still required to be a PRINTING United Alliance member to exhibit?

Yes, your company needs to be current in their PRINTING United Alliance membership in order to participate as an exhibitor in the Digital Experience.

How will attendees be able to discover my company during the PRINTING United Digital Experience?

Companies will be listed by the product categories that they designated on their exhibitor dashboard. In addition, companies and their new products will be discoverable and surfaced on the Insight Days video platform and on the “new products” page of MapYourShow. All companies listing new products on the platform by October 2, 2020 will be included in the Daily Guides new product section. These will be widely distributed and will serve to drive the attendees to your showcase.

Where can I upload collateral and other communications resources?
You can upload content assets in your MapYourShow showcase listing which you can access by visiting the exhibitor dashboard: If you have any press releases about new product launches or other news you’d like to share, we also suggest that you submit the press release and how you plan to highlight that in the Digital Experience to Amanda Kliegl, VP of Public Relations ( and Denise Gustavson, Editorial Director (

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